VOIPo Review

In our VOIPo review, we found why customers are calling VOIPo The Likable Phone Company. With a variety of Voice over IP technology, services and features, VOIPo offers customers a great deal on making the switch to VoIP. In our VOIPo review, we found this company offers a great deal for great quality service.

In our VOIPo review, we discovered this company offers a wide range of services including residential VoIP, business VoIP as well as a VoIP reseller program and affiliate programs. Many individuals as well as entire businesses are making the switch to VoIP technology because of the massive savings with this kind of technology compared with traditional phone plans and landline services. Aside from the cost, the convenient features that go along with VoIP technology are also a major reason why so many are making the switch. However, there are tons of VoIP providers out there in this current market. If you are looking for the best VoIP provider, keep reading our VOIPo review to learn more.

How It Works:

By ordering your residential VoIP service from VOIPo, you can select a new phone number from over 8,000 available areas, or you can simply transfer your existing phone number. From this point, VOIPo will ship you a new phone adapter where you can plug it in to your broadband Internet connection. You can then plug your normal telephones right into it. Now, you can just use your phone like you normally would. It works by the adapter sending the calls out through the Internet connection to the VOIPo network rather than the traditional public switch telephone network.

Residential VoIP Features:

While it may seem like VoIP is something that just businesses are using, that is not the case. Many individuals and families are finding value from making the switch to VoIP technology. Some of the features VOIPo offers new residential customers include caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, advanced voicemail, online voicemail access, online call history storage, updated contacts, call forwarding and customer call routing, outbound call routing, failover, E911, telemarketer block and auto Do Not Disturb messages.  With so many more features than a traditional phone line, it is no wonder families everywhere are making the switch to VoIP phone systems. These unlimited calling plans start at just $6.21 per month with over 38 total features as well as free activation.

Business VoIP

Like the residential VoIP features, VOIPo offers its customers a variety of features, unlimited calling to both the United States and Canada as well as some free international calling and low international rates. The VOIPo adapters are free and over 40 other features to help get your business started with VoIP technology so each employee can benefit from the ease of use and convenience of making the switch to VoIP.

About VOIPo

VOIPo is entirely US-based and is committed to providing customers with secure and reliable service as it is also backed by web host provider HostGator. There are no contracts or cancelation fees. Customers can get unlimited calling as well as the ability to keep existing phone numbers. VOIPo also makes it easy for you to use your regular phones. VOIPo offers great customer support based in the United States as well as free international calling to over 40 different countries with up to 60 minutes per month. In addition, VOIPo offers low international rates throughout the world.

VOIPo strives to offer customers with a quality service, which is why the company is not afraid to offer customers a free cancelation if you are not happy with the service within the first 30 days of signup. All you have to do is cancel and return the VOIPo adapter for a full refund. Don’t hesitate to give VOIPo a try today! Great customer service, and a quality product are the first steps to taking a successful VoIP experience with VOIPo. Check out the VOIPo website to find exactly how much you can save on your monthly phone bill by switching to VOIPo today!

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