Nextiva Review

This Nextiva Review includes information on the Nextiva VoIP phone systems, Nextiva vFax, Nextiva Connect, and Nextiva SIP trunking. When choosing a VoIP provider consider reading reviews for some of the best voice over IP companies, then choose from a small group.

Nextiva is a Green (Carbon Free) business communications company and Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) that provides products and services to businesses. Their four communication services are a hosted VoIP phone system, online fax service, virtual phone service, and SIP trunking. Nextiva supplies a 100% satisfaction guarantee and serves businesses that include Acura, Allstate, Burger King, Farmers Insurance, IBM, Quiznos, Subway, Target, and TravelLodge.

• Nextiva VoIP Phone System—Nextiva VoIP Phone System is an extensible system that provides services based on the number of employees. Included in its packages are:

• a local number for each phone system user

• a single toll-free number for the business

• a single virtual fax number for the business

• a decreasing cost per line as more lines are added

• unlimited calling within the United States

• a virtual PBX system

• professional greetings and

• US-based support

A single line is $34.95/month and special deals are offered on IP phones.

• Nextiva vFax—Nextiva vFax, an online fax service or FoIP, has benefits over mechanical fax machines, never running out of paper, jamming, or giving a busy signal that stops a subsequent fax from being received when one is in progress, but you can still use your fax machine, if you like. Other ways that you can send faxes include via cell phone, email, Microsoft Office, and the online control panel that Nextiva provides. The three plans are designed to accommodate the needs of the single user, the small business, and the business pro, with 500, 1000, and 3000 pages per/month respectively. Additional pages are $0.03 each. The cell phones from which one can send a vFax include Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, and Windows mobile devices.

• Nextiva Connect—Nextiva Connect is a call router that helps you avoid missing calls as you move from place to place through your day or when you are traveling. It avoids customers receiving busy signals, as well as avoiding missed calls. Plans include voicemail, call screening, and dial-by-name directory services, the ability to personalize the voice attendant, web or mobile management, the ability to keep your existing number of choose a new number, and the ability to use a regular or toll-free number.

Plans are defined by the number of minutes included. There are 100-minute, 500-minute, and unlimited minute plans. For the plans with limited minutes, overage minutes cost $0.045 each.

• Nextiva SIP Trunking—Nextiva SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) allows you to keep your current PBX and phone equipment while connecting to less expensive VoIP network, add more trunks as needed, and have unlimited nationwide and low-cost international calling. Interoffice calls, even when offices are remote, are free, and the service also allows you to keep existing phone numbers.

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