Lingo Review

This Lingo Review offers information on Lingo Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services. Learn more about the Lingo VoIP phone services and Lingo mobile calling plans and features. Find out if Lingo has the VoIP services you are looking for.

Lingo’s phone service works using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It allows you to get clear, reliable service through your Internet broadband connection and pay less than you would for traditional phone service. The service works whether or not your computer is on. There is no annual contract, and you can usually keep your existing phone number.

The key to the service is the Lingo adaptor, which must be connected to your high-speed Internet, on the one hand, and to your wireless home phone base station, on the other hand. Your polycom business phone can be connected directly to your high-speed Internet, as well.

Lingo service comes equipped with a number of standard features that you have probably come to expect with any phone service. It provides the convenience services of:

  • Caller ID with Name
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Return
  • Speed Dial
  • Three-way Calling
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Directory Assistance

Lingo also allows you to place calls from your computer as well as your phone handset.

Lingo also provides additional services for privacy and safety, these include:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Caller ID Block
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Last Number Redial
  • Enhanced 911 service
  • Emergency Calling Service
  • Easy 911 dialing

Lingo calling plans are distinguished by being for residences, businesses, or mobile devices, and by the number of minutes and the calling area. The two least expensive residential VoIP options include 250 and 500 minutes respectively for calls throughout the United States and Canada, with overage minutes being $0.04 each. The next Lingo tier is a plan with unlimited US and Canadian calls, and the top tier is unlimited calls to the US and up to 45 other countries including Canada. None of these plans include calls to mobile, special service, or premium phone numbers.

The two Lingo business VoIP plans provide 500 calls in the US and up to 45 countries or unlimited calls to the same area, but do not include calls to mobile, special service, or premium phone numbers.

Lingo Mobile is a service that allows you to make international calls at Lingo rates from a mobile phone. Besides signing up, you have to dial the access number for Lingo Mobile prior to dialing the international phone number you want to call. You can either opt for the Mobile service alone, or bundle it with the Lingo top tier residential VoIP service. The mobile-only service includes unlimited minutes to the US and 45 countries including Canada. The Bundle option allows you to make calls unlimited calls within the US and to the same 45 countries, including Canada.

Lingo received the “Editor’s Pick” award from Wired Magazine for VoIP service in Winter, 2008.

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