Business VOIP Solutions Articles

Find out who has the best Business VOIP Services, how to choose a VoIP provider, how your business can benefit from VoIP, and about VoIP business phone options.

VoIP and Toll Free Numbers

If you are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol communication services for your home or business, you might wonder how it works between VoIP and toll free numbers. Some VoIP services may not offer toll-free numbers, which can put businesses in an inconvenient situation.

VoIP and 911

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) actively works to ensure there are regulations in place when it comes to VoIP and 911 to make sure consumers that use Voice over Internet Protocol for communication still have access to emergency calling using 911 services.

Tips on Finding the Best Voice Over IP Service

Using these tips on finding the best Voice over IP service is going to help you save money on your VoIP communication costs while finding you the best VoIP provider to suit your residential or business VoIP needs. Keep reading to find out how to find the best Voice over IP service for you.

VoIP Web Conferencing

For any business, taking advantage of VoIP web conferencing is a great way to use Voice over Internet Protocol communication technology to your added benefit during regular calls and conference calling. VoIP web conferencing provides many benefits for business VoIP solutions.

Hidden Costs of VoIP

When it comes to choosing the best Voice over Internet Protocol provider, it is important to know the hidden costs of VoIP, so you don’t risk spending way more in hidden fees from your VoIP provider. Keep reading to learn the hidden costs of VoIP for your business VoIP solutions.

How to Calculate Bandwidth for VoIP

Learning how to calculate bandwidth for VoIP is pretty easy. Making sure you have enough Internet bandwidth to run your Voice over Internet Protocol phone communication system is important or you risk losing calls. How to calculate bandwidth for VoIP is a fairly simply process. Keep reading to learn more.

Porting VoIP Numbers

Porting VoIP numbers is a great way to continue using your own phone number while making the convenient switch over to Voice over Internet Protocol technology. While the process of porting VoIP numbers may take additional time, it is more convenient than switching phone numbers entirely.

VoIP Affiliate Programs

For those looking for VoIP affiliate programs to make some extra money online, this is a great place to come looking for information. Before you get started with VoIP affiliate programs, it is a good idea to understand voice over IP, how it works and how to find the best affiliate program.

VoIP Reseller Programs

VoIP reseller programs offer an opportunity for individuals or businesses to make money online without the initial investment of creating a business. This article offers tips on choosing the best VoIP reseller program and what it takes to become a reseller.

Best VoIP Business Phone Systems

The best VoIP business phone systems may be different for you than your neighboring business. Read this article to learn how to determine what your VoIP needs are and what would be the best VoIP business phone system for your specific business.