VoIP and Toll Free Numbers

It is important to make sure you find a business VoIP solution that is able to accommodate for VoIP and toll free numbers as part of the VoIP package. Toll-free call numbers first originated in 1967 as a way to provide an alternative to collect calls to help reduce the number of paid operators, thus saving companies money.  In the years since toll-free numbers were first implemented, only major phone carriers had a hold on the distribution of these numbers. So if companies wanted to have toll-free calling lines for their customers, they would be forced to go with one of the major phone service carriers. However, since then the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has mandated it, subscribers can switch their toll-free calling to other phone carriers. This means that phone subscribers can switch to a VoIP communication provider and still get to keep their same toll-free number, which is a great solution for companies that are switching their phone service to VoIP communication technology.

VoIP and Toll-Free Numbers:

When you are trying to find the best Voice Over IP service for your business or at-home office, it is important to make sure you find out if the VoIP carrier you are considering offers toll-free calling. Keep in mind that there are still some VoIP providers that do not offer toll-free calling capabilities and it would therefore be a waste of money to switch to a company that cannot accommodate your toll-free calling line. Not to mention that a move like that would ultimately hurt your business and cost your customers more money to call in for information about your business or services. Because of this stipulation, it is important to do your research on available VoIP providers on the web to determine if the ones you are considering offers toll-free calling features. If they do, make sure you can take your current toll-free phone number with you when you transfer to this new VoIP service. Because most of your marketing materials and your business reputation has already been built around this specific toll-free number, it would be terrible to have to switch numbers or no longer be available at that particular toll-free number. It would cost tons of time and money to get it switched to something else. So when you are choosing  your new VoIP provider, make sure they have toll-free capabilities and can accommodate your current number. Under the FCC regulations, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Fortunately there are literally dozens of VoIP providers available that offer toll-free calling features. Just add that to your list of requirements when you are shopping around online for the best deals in VoIP services. In addition, if you are starting up a new business and want a toll-free vanity number (numbers that spell out letters that represent your business or company) you can check with your potential choices for a VoIP provider to determine if they offer this service that you might find beneficial to your company for marketing purposes. Since the numbers come on a first come, first serve basis, you must check with the VoIP provider to find out if the vanity toll-free number you are hoping to use is still available. Either way, you can get started with one of the best VoIP providers online to get access to your own toll-free calling number. Just be sure the companies you are considering offer this service before you commit to signing up with their service.

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