RingCentral Review

This RingCentral Review offers information on RingCentral products and services including RingCentral Office, RingCentral Mobile, and RingCentral Fax.  Read this RingCentral Review to see if RingCentral has the voice over IP services you are looking for.

RingCentral provides cloud-based business phone systems for the business office, virtual phone systems for professionals who go mobile, and an Internet fax service that does not require a fax machine.

• RingCentral Office—RingCentral Office serves both incoming and outgoing phone calls and faxes. The system features:

• free, unlimited calls and faxes to the United States and Canada

• choice of existing phones and fax machines or RingCentral IP phones

• the ability to use your office number while calling from any smartphone or computer

• avoiding callers ever receiving a busy signal

• multiple toll-free and local numbers, including local numbers in multiple locations, as well as vanity numbers

• customizable messages detailing business hours, as well as professionally recorded  IVR (Interactive Voice Response) greetings and menus

• “advanced” call forwarding which can be programmed to send calls to voicemail, particular extensions, or alternate phone numbers based on the date and time.

Plans are based on the number of users (1, 4, 10, or 20+) and each user receives 1000 toll-free minutes/month. RingCentral provides 24/7 customer support.

RingCentral Mobile—RingCentral Mobile allows your calls to be directed to office phones, home phones, or mobile phones so that customers never have a busy signal or an unanswered call. Voicemails and fax notifications can both be sent either SMS messages or email, and the RingCentral app for mobile devices can receive push notifications. The Mobile service has three different levels of plan: Pro with 100 minutes (local, long distance, or toll-free)/month and additional minutes for $0.049 each; ProPlus with 1000 minutes  and additional minutes for $0.044 each; and ProUnlimited with 1000 minutes and additional minutes for $0.039 each. ProPlus and ProUnlimitedalso have some other additional features, including a dedicated fax number, a true 800 number, and dial-by-name directory ability. All the plans have flexible answering rules, call queues and an auto-receptionist.

• RingCentral Fax—RingCentral Fax allows you to create, send, and receive faxes without a fax machine to a dedicated local or toll-free fax number. You can choose local numbers in more than 200 area codes, toll-free numbers and vanity numbers. The Ring Central FoIP service is available 24/7 and accepts faxes from any fax machine anywhere in the world. RingCentral is configured so that no incoming fax is ever met with a busy signal. To receive a RingCentral fax, you don’t have to be in the building with your fax machine. You can view faxes on mobile devices, receive faxes via email, and be notified of fax receipt via email or SMS text message.

RingCentral provides a variety of cover page designs, but also allows you to use your own. Broadcast to multiple recipients is possible. Faxes can be sent out using email, from software applications via RingCentral’s interface installed on your computer, and from smartphones.

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