This review offers information on phone products and services including their virtual phone numbers and voice over IP services for your home or business. Read this review to see if they have the VOIP services you are looking for. offers three different communication services, all potentially useful for home use, office use, or in some cases, both. Their home page can be confusing, because it shows both services the four services and also some features that can only be obtained through subscribing to one of the services without making it clear that they are add-ons to services, not stand-alone services.  This includes One!, Greetings, and Text Voicemail and Business Phone Services, which is actually a feature of the Virtual Office. plans feature a referral program that allows you to offset your monthly cost, or actually earn credits if referrals exceed charges.

Let’s take a look at each of the individual services.

• Virtual Number is a service that allows you to use a single telephone number for all of your phones, including your mobile phone, keeping your other numbers private or making it easy for the people you want to be in constant contact with to reach you anywhere, anytime with a single number or leaving business calls in the office when you’re off-duty. You can choose to add a local United States number, add a global number, add a toll-free number or a vanity toll-free number, or transfer an existing phone number for use in this service. Virtual Number is a base service that is upgradable to either Home Phone Plus or Virtual Office. The plan is $4.88/month including 250 minutes in the US, with additional minutes $0.039 each, with a monthly cap of $18.88. Technical support is available 24/7, but only through email. There is an extra fee for transferring an additional number Home Phone Plus is a home phone number service that includes one phone number, with either 250 minutes or unlimited minutes, simultaneous phone ring, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, hold, call transfer, and other services. It is a residential VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that works when you plug the Home Phone Service phone adapter into your Internet router connected to a broadband (high speed) Internet service, and plug a standard phone into the adapter. Unlike standard phone services, Home Phone Plus lets you choose a phone number with a different area code than the one in your calling area, and use your phone number when you’re away from home through any high-speed Internet Connection. Plans start at $9.88/month.

• Virtual Office works with standard desk phones, IP phones, analog phone adapters, and softphones and provides you with features so that you always receive your phone calls. Central to this is “Follow Me” phone calling, with simultaneous ring on the numbers you designate. Also included are customizable caller messages and caller menus. It functions like a Standard PBX system, but without the hardware required to run PBX, and without requiring all of your office staff to be in a single location. Plans are distinguished by the number of minutes, the price of additional minutes, and the number of phone numbers included. All other features seem to be identical. Prices start at $9.88/month.

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