How Does Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) Work?

VoIP technology is a form of communication that can take place over an Internet connection or Internet Protocol. Voice and data transmission works over this kind of technology giving individuals the opportunity to communicate in a different way than a traditional phone line. There are many benefits to using a Voice over Internet Protocol system. Taking that technology a step further is mobile VoIP or mVoIP. Again, there are many benefits to also using this mobile VoIP technology to communicate. First, let’s take a closer look at how does mobile VoIP work for the average user.

How Does Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) Work?

Using communication protocols and transmission technology to deliver voice and data communications over a multimedia network like the Internet, mobile VoIP takes this a step further and allows the communication to occur over a wireless Internet service instead of an Internet service that needs to be connected using DSL or wires. Many cell phones are now built with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is also the technology used to build mobile VoIP handsets. The technology is now used with many smart phones and are designed to allow VOIP to run over the GSM cellular backbone. Even if your phone does not have built-in mobile VoIP technology, there are mobile dialers to add on to the cell phone that can pick up those Internet hot spots and wireless networks to make a connection for communication.

Advantages of mVoIP:

The best benefit to using mVoIP over traditional phone service is that it is much cheaper. Some mVoIP services like Google Talk are even free. There are just a few stipulations to being able to get access to this free service. However, using mVoIp is a great way to save money on your monthly cell phone bill. If you already have a cell phone that gets access to a 3G or 4G network, in most areas with these networks available, you shouldn’t have an issue getting service. While spotty if the network is down or unavailable, mVoIP is still a great way to save money in your communication costs.

There are also mVoIP services that you can pay for and might get access to better and more reliable service, however, that is still dependent upon your location and how much of an Internet signal you have. The benefit to this is that you can still save money when you do get the opportunity to use your mVoIP network and simply revert back to your traditional cell phone calling plan when you don’t have access to a wireless Internet service. This is a great way to save on your overall communication costs, but still get the most out of your mVoIP service along with your regular calling plan. Some services like Google Talk also require you to get a separate phone number that is used to manage those calls, which might be of some inconvenience. However, if you are using many minutes on your cell phone plan each month, the benefits of using a mVoIP service will outweigh that inconvenience.

Another huge advantage of using mVoIP is a similar benefit to using traditional VoIP, or business VoIP. This type of service actually allows for much cheaper international calling as well. If your phone has international calling capabilities, being able to get almost free, if not free, calls made out of the country can save a bundle on your cell phone bill each month especially if you regularly need to make these international calls.

Business men and women that frequently travel for work or are not always in the office, can cut down on their monthly cell phone minutes as well by using the mVoIP technology. To find the best deals in VoIP and mVoIP, be sure to look for companies that offer a service that might already work with your mobile phone. If you don’t already have mVoIP technology, consult your cell phone provider to see if you can find am add-on to use to get the service.

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