Residential VOIP Services Articles

Making Internet phone calls is becoming the household norm. Learn all about Residential/Home VOIP Services, the benefits of home VoIP, how to find the best residential VoIP providers, and more.

VoIP Bandwidth Tests and Calculators

When it comes to using Voice over Internet Protocol communication services for your home or residence, it is a good idea to check out VoIP bandwidth tests and calculators to help you determine if your at-home Internet speeds are high enough to operate a reliable VoIP connection for making and receiving calls.

International VoIP Calling

International VoIP calling can be a useful tool for any home or office to use on those International calls that are made for business or personal reasons. Calling internationally can be expensive with traditional phone systems. Fortunately VoIP services make calling internationally much cheaper to do.

VoIP and Alarm Systems

Those making the switch from Voice over Internet Protocol for their residential communication systems might not know that there are often problems between VoIP and alarm systems and the conflicting technology that is used between VoIP and alarm systems at most homes.

Calling From VoIP to Landlines

Calling from VoIP to landlines using Voice over Internet Protocol technology is one services that many of the best VoIP providers offer to their customers for free! Calling from VoIP to landlines is a special service that some companies do not offer. However, many VoIP providers will use it as an added incentive to bring aboard more customers.

VoIP Hosting

VoIP hosting refers to the web host providing the Internet service used to run the Voice over Internet Protocol program. Whether you use a free VoIP provider or pay for premium VoIP services the quality of VoIP may depend on your web hosting provider. Learn how to find the best VoIP hosting here.

Free VoIP Calls

Because Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone services that does not require a lan line, only the Internet, several VoIP providers offer free VoIP calls. Find out whether free VoIP is right for you in this article.

Internet Phone Service

Internet phone service is a great way to save money at home using Voice over IP technology. Generally, internet phone service, or VoIP phone service is cheaper than traditional phone lines and plans. Internet phone service may come in several forms for both a landline and a mobile phone.

Internet Phone Calls

Internet phone calls are becoming very popular. In this article learn how Internet phone calls can be made via your computer (softphones), via ATA and analog phones, via VoIP-ready phones, or via dual-mode cell phones. Learn how to start making more Internet calls today.

Best Residential VoIP

Not all VoIP service providers are created equal, especially when it comes to finding a VoIP provider for your home. This article offers tips on how to find the best residential VoIP programs and what advantages you may have by doing your research and finding the best VoIP services for your needs.

VoIP for Home

Are you looking for VoIP for your home? There are many benefits to switching to residential VoIP services. When VoIP first became available it was thought to be a business solution but more and more people are using VoIP within their homes.