VOIP Phone Systems Articles

There are different types of VoIP phones. Find out how to get the best VOIP Phone Systems, about Voice Over IP security, pros and cons of Free VoIP, and more.

Hosted VoIP vs. VoIP PBX

When it comes to hosted VoIP vs. VoIP PBX products and all that this company has to offer, it is a good idea to take a look at the side-by-side comparison of hosted VoIP vs. VoIP PBX and what each has to offer new customers looking for the best VoIP solutions.

Wi-Fi VoIP

Wi-Fi VoIP refers to being able to use your voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, service while out of the office or travelling. Read this article to find out how to use Wi-Fi VoIP technology and the advantages of VoIP.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is offered by Cisco, one of the top VoIP providers. This article explains how IP Telephony works and what features you may be able to expect when using IP Telephony technology for your business communication needs.

Free VoIP

When it comes to free VoIP you want to make sure you are getting the best VoIP technology and services available. Take a look at this article to learn the pros and cons of using a free VoIP service and for tips on choosing the best free VoIP provider services.

Types of VoIP Phones

There are two types of VoIP phones, softphones and hardware phone. In this article we compare the different types of VoIP phones to help you decide what phone would best suit your Voice over IP needs.

Best VoIP Phone Systems

Choosing the best VoIP phone systems may be different for you than your neighbor. This article reviews how VoIP systems work and what benefits you may get by switching to VoIP. Learn what VoIP can do for you and your business, only then should you decide which VoIP phone systems will work best for you and your business.

Voice Over IP Security

We are all aware communications transmitted via the Internet are subject to vulnerabilities and hackers. Having Voice Over IP security attached to your VoIP phone system and making sure your VoIP provider has the proper security is essential to your privacy. With Voice Over IP security measures in place you can avoid SPAM.

How to Select a VoIP Phone

Do you want to know how to select a VoIP phone? This article helps explain how VoIP works and how to use that information to choose what VoIP phone system may work best for you or your business. Also learn the benefits of VoIP phone systems.