Virtual Fax Articles

Virtual Fax Services aka v-fax, e-fax, Internet faxing, FoIP, fax over IP, or fax over Internet protocol is taking over traditional faxing from home and businesses. Discover how FoIP works, how to get free faxware, and reviews of some of the best virtual fax providers.

Google Fax Review

Google Fax is just one of the many options when it comes to using electronic fax features for your individual faxing use at home or at the office. Google Fax is a great option that is easy and straight forward to use. Keep reading our Google Fax review to learn more!

FaxFreedom by Freedom Voice Review

FaxFreedom by Freedom Voice is a great option when it comes to fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) services. The electronic fax services with FaxFreedom is one of the best virtual fax options available. Prices are competitive, low and affordable, which means great savings on fax communication.

Free Fax Over IP Software

Free fax over IP software allows individuals and businesses the ability to fax over the Internet without the use of paper. Read this article to learn how FoIP works, what FoIP features to look for and the benefits of switching from traditional fax to paperless fax.

MyFax Review provides online faxing for individuals and small businesses. In this MyFax Review we offer information on some of the MyFax personal and small business fax services, as well as their affiliate program.

Best Virtual Fax

Finding the best virtual fax software depends on your faxing needs. Read this article to discover how virtual fax software works and how to evaluate your virtual fax needs. Also learn the advantages of virtual fax technology.

eFax Review

This eFax Review explains how eFax works and offers key details into the eFax Plus monthly plan. Virtual fax can be very helpful for home businesses and people who travel a lot with their business. Learn how you or your business can benefit from eFax’s virtual fax services here.

Virtual Fax Software

Virtual fax software, or v-fax, work through a fax over IP (FoIP) system. In this article learn how virtual fax software works and what advantage you may have when choosing to use FoIP system software. Also find out where to find virtual fax software for your home or office.

How FoIP Works

Have you ever wondered how FoIP works? The fax over IP system works very similar to that of the VoIP system, over the Internet. Keep reading to learn the advantages of using FoIP for your business fax needs, and how to get free faxware.

Fax Freeware

Faxing no longer has to be a costly expense. This article on Fax Freeware offers information on how to fax free using free Internet fax software. Learn the pros and cons of using free faxware vs. traditional fax here.